Resolutions or Resolute?

Happy New Year! Time for a fresh start, a new chapter — time for making resolutions! 

Or not!

What if, instead of making resolutions to do “more” or be “better” you simply chose to be resolute?

Resolution is the warrior energy and its mantra is, “It will be done.” It represents action, purpose and determination. We use it to move forward and to break through barriers, boredom and stalemates.  A perfect image of resolution is the samurai warrior, a mother bear protecting her cubs, a project manager moving a team forward or an impassioned speaker, compelling her audience with purpose. 

In resolution, one is committed to achievement of a goal and often will set aside ego, fear and safety for attainment of that goal. Resolution is action by nature and also by nature it is temporarily ‘closed off’ to new ideas and new thinking. It is instinctual and powerful – it gets things done.

How Resolution impacts your environment:

  • Motivates action and response
  • Promotes accomplishment
  • Can activate the people around you

Getting into resolution requires focusing our energy in singular directions for periods of time and we can test and increase our capability to be resolute through practice. For example:

 To Practice Resolution from a centered stance…

  • Pick a still point ahead of you at eye level.
  • Feet are about 6” apart with left foot forward and right foot back; your forward knee is slightly bent and back leg is straight, with more weight on the forward foot. 
  • Sink down (tail bone dropping) until you feel centered.
  • Make fists with both hands.
  • Move your left arm up and forward at about throat level.  Your right arm is bent at the elbow with your fist at your waist.  Both arms are parallel to the ground.
  • Look at the target, inhale through the nose and exhale thru mouth sending your breath and right fist towards the target; left fist pulls back.  Sound: “kee-ah” as you exhale.
  • Your breathing is short and even. 
  • Don’t move your feet.  Stay centered with left foot forward and bent and right foot back and straight. 
  • Come back to a centered stance.  Breathe.
  • Repeat 10 times

 If you are committed to achieving goals in the new year, facing your New Years resolutions with a disposition of Resolution is the key to your success!