Excelerate is a corporate training company for communication training and coaching, delivering the world’s most innovative communication strategies and coaching for leadership development. We specialize in communication, and we can help you master it.

Communicating well means living productively – both professionally and personally – and it’s the driving force behind Excelerate’s mission to empower our clients to improve interpersonal, organizational and business communications, while making positive changes in business and in life.

For more than two decades, Excelerate has been improving communications for organizations of all sizes in California and all over the United States. As an executive coaching company, we give CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, high-potential employees and millennials the power tools to become more effective communicators through our communication strategies and business consultation.

Whether you represent a Fortune 500 company or a start-up enterprise, if you’re looking to improve your communication skills, you’ve come to the right place. A top Southern California corporate training company, Excelerate can help you develop effective communication skills through our unique leadership training programs.

Learn more at www.exceleratecomm.com.



Kimberly Gerber, president/CEO of Excelerate, is more than passionate about business success, and she understands that strong communication skills play a significant role in achieving that success. It’s no wonder that for the past two decades, Kimberly’s focused approach with marketing and communication strategies has successfully led Fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks and Fleetwood Enterprises toward real results. Her innovative ideas, breakthrough programs and proven techniques have served as a catalyst, helping countless C-level executives, entrepreneurs, millennials and high-potential employees reach their goals. It’s why even more organizations, including Allergan, Verizon Wireless and ACCO Brands, rely on Kimberly for her highly specialized communications guidance and training to help them succeed.

In addition to her leadership role at Excelerate, Kimberly dedicates time to giving back to her community. Since 2006, she has been a board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, where she currently serves as Director of Strategy and Board Development. She also sits on the Food and Beverage Advisory Council for the Gerson Lehrman Group, a Wall Street technology advisory firm.

Kimberly holds a B.A. in Marketing and Public Communications from SUNY Buffalo. Committed to lifelong learning, she’s completed graduate studies at San Diego State University, is a graduate of Newfield, an ICF-certified executive coaching program and has earned mediation certification from Los Angeles County Bar Association. Kimberly lives in Irvine, CA, with her husband and three children.


JoAnne Foist is an invigorating executive and coach with extensive experience accelerating team performance and revenue growth. In high-level roles for industry-leading companies, JoAnne has inspired teams to surpass challenging objectives and business targets through a creative, well-structured and focused approach. As a marketing executive, she utilizes cutting-edge strategies to boost multi-million dollar sales growth. As an educator, JoAnne trains and coaches others to exceed personal, professional and company goals.

JoAnne began her career at Fleetwood Enterprises working form 1992-2004 with the housing division. During that time she was an instrumental member of the innovative leadership team that helped the company break barriers within the industry and reach the pinnacle of the company’s success. In 2004, JoAnne took over marketing efforts within the RV business and helped launch new business ventures and deepen relationships with dealer’s nationwide. In 2011, JoAnne was recruited to the Chinese-owned electronics magnate, Hisense International as their International Marketing Director. During her tenure there she re- engineered their international branding strategy, harmonizing the voice of the brand across 5 continents. Among her accomplishments at Hisense, JoAnne was often the public face of the company internationally, she successfully launched the brand in the United States, and trained company employees how to work in an integrated culture.

Having consulted with Excelerate since 2010, JoAnne joined the team fulltime in 2014 in order to share and develop her passion and talent for training and coaching others. Working with franchise, retail and education clients, JoAnne is able to leverage her considerable background to help companies achieve

JoAnne’s passion for business success is an outgrowth of her life’s personal passion for driving teams to excellence. Believing that we should use our talents to help create positive change, she has been a volunteer coach for Team-In-Training for more than a decade, and she teaches at Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing lives through the development of career skills and job attainment. An accomplished endurance athlete, JoAnne is an avid marathon runner, certified yoga teacher and two-time Ironman. When she is not working or racing, she travels extensively, enjoying the exploration of cultures worldwide.

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